Risk & Reward

Coming soon: NOAC Education is in the process of designing a new symposium on patient outcomes in atrial fibrillation.

Using a series of insightful plenaries and interactive content, “NOACs: Risk and reward in the real world” (working title) will be hosting using our novel eLearning platform. This will allow you to enjoy an experience similar to attending a live symposium, but from anywhere in the world, at completely your own pace.

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  • Purpose of the meeting

    The programme’s key aim is to provide clear, real-world evidence of patient outcomes in anticoagulant therapy. In doing so, the symposium aims to inspire clinicians to optimise stroke prevention in patients at risk of stroke.

  • Funding

    We are seeking financial support to produce the symposium outlined above. In the meantime, register your interest in the symposium to keep updated and stay tuned to our social network pages for more information.

    Request for financial support

    PCM Scientific are actively seeking financial support, for both this proposed activity and other educational activities as part of the NOAC education site. If you are interested in providing support, please contact us at education@pcmscientific.com.